7 Deadly Zins

Burgers, fries & Zin

Burgers, fries & Zin

I have recently acquired a liking for Zinfandel, a wine primarily made in California and known for it’s gutsy rebelliousness. Not to be confused with White Zinfandel which is a much higher volume wine, Zin is kind of in a class all it’s own. It is a big, bold American red and it pairs well with big, bold American foods, which I also love.

Fran picked up burgers & fries from Zac’s on the way home from work and we broke open a bottle of Lodi Vineyards ‘7 Deadly Zins’ Zinfandel. Without getting too technical, the strong taste of this magnificent beast cleanses the palate so that each bite of the burger is like the first all over again.

From the back label:
7 Deadly Zins Old Vine Zinfandel 2007 from Michael & David Phillips“I’m raging with ire, an ocean of fire,
My Wrath is the path to all I desire.
Oh Lord, forgive me my Zins.
I’m inflated with pride, near-bursting inside,
A self-centered repenter, Vanitys’ bride.
Oh Lord, forgive me my Zins.
I’m mired in mud, inert as a slug,
Sloth is the cloth that’s woven my rug.
Oh Lord, forgive me my Zins.
I eat day and night, consuming all in my sight,
A Glutton with nothing but a huge appetite.
Oh Lord, forgive me my Zins.
My will I ignore, my Envy’s a chore,
Over zealous and jealous, I want so much more.
Oh Lord, forgive me my Zins.
I’m ravenous to feast, an insatiable beast,
I concede to the Greed demanding release.
Oh Lord, forgive me my Zins.
I hunger for trust, my craving’s a must,
My sin is the Zin enslaving my Lust.
Oh Lord, forgive me my Zins.”

– Kevin Phillips

Jayson Werth

Go Phils

Burgers, fries & Zin coupled with October baseball made for a wonderful evening. Especially while my beloved Phils beat down the Reds in game 2 in this best of five …

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