About Uncorked Remarks

Still searching ...Wine brings about strong opinions and passion among enthusiasts. And there are many assumptions about it’s culture.

Uncorked Remarks was created to answer questions, dispel myths and research any and all topics about wine. The great thing about wine is there is always something new to learn. If I don’t know the answer to something I will research it to death. I’m resilient that way.

Today with the magic of social media, information and opinions are everywhere. The world has gotten a lot smaller and infinitely more fascinating, in my opinion.

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Remember … Relax. It’s just wine.

Doug Zimmerman, Admin


6 Responses to About Uncorked Remarks

  1. Doug,
    I just saw your comment, read your blog, actually laughed out loud, and if it’s alright with you, I’ve added you to my blogs list! If it’s not alright, just let me know I’ll take it down.

    -The Cork Dork

  2. Beth says:

    Research it to death? Awesome. We’re a lot a like in that respect.

  3. That’s something that I love about wine too–the challenge it presents! It’s a great subject to learn about.

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