Brandywine Food & Wine Festival – June 8, 2013

Brandywine Food & Wine Festival - June 8, 2013A very important tip for those of you who may be new to wine festivals … be sure to hydrate. Even wine writers forget sometimes. Although the event was an unparalleled success today, that didn’t stop my pounding head and a bout with sleeplessness. At 3 a.m., I found myself chatting on Facebook with some fellow insomniacs. A few choice topics were wine versus coffee and how nice it would be to be 18 again. But I digress.

The Myrick Conservation Center is located on a rural stretch of Route 842 between West Chester and Unionville. In other words, the boondocks. Luckily, Hurricane Andrea ended in plenty of time to ensure a (mostly) dry event. Ten local wineries were showcasing their vintages onsite, along with an impressive array of food vendors.

10 tastes and a bottle of water w/ admissionPatrons were issued these innovative custom bracelets as part of admission, with ten tags attached. The tags were to be exchanged for a taste of wine at any of the ten winery stands. A good idea in context but I observed a black market for wine tags evolving among wine drinkers over the course of the afternoon. I won’t say any more about it for fear of waking up with a horse head in my bed.

Righteous Felon's kick ass jerkySo I made the first stop at local beef jerky producers, Righteous Felon Jerky Cartel. I heard about these guys as they are making a big marketing push, but haven’t tried their stuff until today. Perfect timing, I didn’t have much of a breakfast. The ‘Che Potle Guevara’, seasoned with chili powder & cumin was as delicious as I hoped. A great addition to my Paleo eating plan. On the days that I manage to stick to it, that is.

Two of the wineries that were pouring today, I haven’t had the privilege of trying yet so I made it a point to hit those off the bat …

Flickerwood Wine Cellars is located in northwestern PA and have maintained a local tasting room in nearby Kennett Square since 2009. The winery has had some great success there, which was evident by the long lines at their booth all afternoon. Flickerwood has a nice semi-dry red called KSQ (Kennett Square) to pay tribute to the tasting room. A number of FWC’s offerings are specialty wines made with other fruits. They were pouring their Flickerberry Dew today which is a blend of red raspberries & blackberries. Delicious dessert wine.

Friendly faces at Grace WineryLocal newcomer Grace Winery is getting their tasting room off the ground. It’s located on the grounds of Sweetwater Farm Bed & Breakfast in Glen Mills. More to come as I have made arrangements to visit in the near future. The Merlot has a spicy character, a smooth easy drinker.

Yeah, I like posing with good looking women. Sue me.I was able to socialize a good bit at the fest. Wine events, I find, bring out the good side of people. It’s a social beverage, what can I say? I met Thais from Dia Doce, and got knocked out by her full sized cupcakes. Mario Patone and his lovely wife brought their amazing Cabernet Sauvignon and were moving plenty of juice at this event. Other friendly, familiar faces from Penns Woods, Bridge Street Chocolates and the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail rounded out a nice afternoon.

A lot of hard work went into this event and it was an overwhelming success. Not to slight any of the wineries and vendors, there was too many to visit.

Cupcakes & wine revisitedAn exciting end to the day was successful navigation of the sobriety mud pit while exiting. Winning.


Full list of today’s awesome vendors
Not to mention live music!
Brandywine Valley Wine Trail

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