Cat Piss – Wine Term of the Week

Cat Piss - Wine Term of the Week‘Wine Term of the Week’ is making it’s triumphant return today.

And I couldn’t think of a better way to class it up than with an uncommon wine classification like “Cat Piss”.

This designation came about while analysts were conducting a study on some New Zealand wines. In the Sauvignon Blanc, along with the citrusy notes, dry acidity, blah, blah … there were subtle aromas of cat’s pee detected. Turns out there is a compound called p-mentha-8-thiol-3-one that smells exactly like cat’s urine when concentrated in a certain range.

It’s not a scent you will find on the aroma wheel. In small, subtle doses it’s actually a positive trait among Sauvingnon Blanc afficionados.

I’m finding that in the world of wine, fact is way more fascinating than fiction.

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