Cent’Anni – Wine Term of the Week

Cent'Anni - Wine Term of the WeekI am obsessed with mob movies. Since I’m celebrating a birthday today and am in a festive mood I thought I would share this popular toast from Godfather I.

Cent’Anni (pronounced chent-AHN-nee) means “a hundred years” in Italian. More specifically, in the context of a toast, it is a wish for all to live happily for a hundred years. Short and sweet. I use this endearing phrase often, especially when imbibing around family. I sincerely wish we actually all could slow down, enjoy life and live happily for a hundred years.

Unfortunately Fredo wasn’t so lucky.

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  1. Jamie Kellner says:

    Try a bottle of BuoniAnni from the Cent’Anni vineyard in Los Olivos. Wine maker Doug Margerum is making a wine that will make you want to live for 100 years.

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