Chambourcin – Wine Term of the Week

Chambourcin - Wine Term of the WeekMaybe I’m a little biased but I’m a huge fan of this locally grown red variety.

Sometimes referred to as “Pennsylvania Zin”, Chambourcin (Pronounced SHAM-bore-sin) flourishes in this part of the country. The Lehigh Valley Wine Trail, Pennsylvania’s fastest growing wine region, named it their signature grape and has won over fifty awards from the local to international levels for their Chambourcin offerings.

Chambourcin characteristically has a deep purple color and a full bodied aroma. It’s a hybrid grape that has only been around since the 60s but is quickly gaining in popularity. It is an excellent pairing with dark chocolate.

Exciting happenings this month as we head to Gettysburg to sample some of the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail’s finest.

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4 Responses to Chambourcin – Wine Term of the Week

  1. masi3v says:

    I am not quite sure how I came across your site, but I am glad I did! I just finished a post that ended stating that every last Chambourcin vine should be ripped out of the ground–I have only ever found one that I even came close to liking (Black Walnut). You need to let me know what others to try so that I am not so steadfastly against this variety!

    • D says:

      I agree that Chambourcin has a unique flavor. It’s quite common in the area wineries that I’ve been to. Penns Woods in Chadds Ford has one that I like. Also as I mentioned, it’s quite popular in the Lehigh Valley wineries. Sometimes you can find the local stuff at PA Wine & Spirits but it’s hit or miss.

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