Crustaceans and the Garden of Eden

Fran's kick ass Mac & CheeseI want to spend more time diving into pairings of food with wine. It’s a very subjective topic and people can’t seem to get enough of it. It’s part of my ongoing quest to try new and different things with Uncorked Remarks. I’m thinking about putting unconventional cuisine together with potential wine counterparts to see what we can come up with. Cheesesteaks? Oreos? Vegan? Let me know what gets you going.

So anyhow it was my birthday this past week. Kind of a tough one. Not a landmark number or anything but enough to get me gaping at how fast my life is going by. No, I’m not going to tell you how old I am. If you know … shut up. And to you people that say that it’s just a number and you are as old as you feel, well … if you believe that I’m not going to rain on your parade.

Di Bruno Bros. Philadelphia, PAAnyway, I’m a huge lover of seafood and my wife is not. So for my birthday she was willing to cook some up for me. This is a huge deal, believe me. She tolerates some seafood, so I compromised and picked up some awesome crab cakes from Philly’s famous DiBruno Brothers, who opened up a massive space at the local farmer’s market a few months ago. She made some homemade mac & cheese in the crock pot which, while not the best thing for you, tastes fantastic. To give the illusion of healthy eating, the meal was rounded out with some peas, compliments of Del Monte.

Eve ChardonnayTo balance out this delicious meal I purchased a bottle of Charles Smith Winery’s “Eve” Chardonnay (2008) out of Washington State. Since I loved their Boom Boom! Syrah I thought ithe Eve was a safe bet even though I’m not a big fan of Chardonnay. Come to think of it, this meal catered to my wife more than me even though it was my birthday! (Hahaha love you Hon)

This meal was absolutely phenomenal. All of the bases were covered and the Eve was a nice enhancement. I chilled it for a few hours before dinner which I am convinced makes white wine much more desireable. With a zesty scent of apples and a crisp tartness I think it would be very refreshing even on it’s own. The label made me envision running naked through an orchard, which might have been discussed while the marketing firm was doing their dirty work. Merchandising is a powerful thing.

Banana Split DelightThough I tried to evaluate everything on it’s own, the fact that my favorite dessert was soon to follow may have distracted me and slightly clouded my judgement. My mom has been making Banana Split Delight since I was a kid and Fran has replicated the recipe flawlessly. This stuff rocks.

I want to return the culinary favor as her birthday is coming up in July. I have my hands full.

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4 Responses to Crustaceans and the Garden of Eden

  1. Twin Brook’s Octorara Rose’! It goes fab with crab cakes (especially if they have a little diced green pepper) and mac n’ cheese!!! I don’t do peas, so can’t comment on that…

  2. Looks delicious! Glad you enjoyed the crab cakes.

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