Decanter – Wine Term of the Week

After a way too relaxing holiday season I decided to get off my butt and continue to enlighten everyone with these cryptic wine specific terms.Decanter - Wine Term of the Week

This week’s word is decanter. You may have seen these interesting shaped glass containers at Williams Sonoma or other places that sell fine glassware.

The main purpose of a decanter is to separate the “good” part of the wine from sediments that may have been produced during aging. A second reason for decanting is to aerate the wine or allow it to breathe. The vessel is designed to replicate the effects of swirling the wine to release aroma.

Image of decantersThe need for decanting is a debated topic in today’s wine circles (Isn’t everything?? Are you noticing a pattern here?). Modern winemaking methods have evolved such that sediments in the wine are not really a factor as in the past. And aerating the wine may do more harm than good, though the change probably isn’t significant either way. I have to admit, although they can be pricey some decanters are very cool looking.

I’m looking forward to a drive out to scenic Lancaster County, PA for a wine tasting on this chilly Saturday. Stay tuned for an update.

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic weekend 😉

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