Fruit Bomb – Wine Term of the Week

Fruit Bomb - Wine Term of the WeekA fruit bomb is an affectionate term in the wine community for powerful, red, fruit forward, high alcohol wines. Depending on your tastes, the fruit bomb label can be good or bad. Personally I love this type of wine. California Cabs, Merlot and Zinfandel usually fall in this category.

Critics claim that fruit bombs aren’t balanced and the wine is too powerful and lacks character. Old World European wines tend to not be as heavy and emphasize the ‘pairing with food’ aspect.

Fans of fruit bombs love the in-your-face, high alcohol, deliciousness and the fact that it’s great on its own.

There are good, 90+ ones and others that may leave something to be desired. Like just about everything in the wine subculture, there will be strong opinions both ways about it. The surging popularity of California wine, particularly Zin has made this class of wine much more common today. I coincidentally ordered some top rated California Cab and Zin online today. I’m completely stoked.

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