Going Viral

In an effort to take advantage of the amazing opportunitiesViral offered by social networking, you can now find us on Facebook and Twitter … and soon YouTube. I am continually amazed at how small the world has gotten. Almost every morning right after I wake up, I crack open the laptop, log in to my 24/7 online addiction (MH shout out … “passive” yeah right) and chat with a few friends on the other side of the world before jumping in the shower.

Uncorked Remarks Est 2010It will be interesting social experiment. Through Facebook I regularly interact with people on five different continents. Though our cultures and beliefs may differ greatly, I find that we have way more in common than I would have imagined. The great thing about wine is that it’s a very social beverage and fit’s right in with the global interaction that I have gotten used to.

I look forward to hosting an all-encompassing wine tasting on Skype with my Australian, European, Asian, North and South American friends. Who’s with me? I call dibs on the 7 pm time slot 😉

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One Response to Going Viral

  1. Joanna B says:

    Great idea – a wine tasting via skype – I’m in! We will have to negotiate on times though :p

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