Hauser Estate Winery, Biglerville, PA – October 17, 2012

Hauser Estate Winery, Biglervlle, PAAs I mentioned in my previous post, one important thing that makes Gettysburg an attractive travel destination for wine lovers is the fact that all of the large local wineries also have tasting rooms downtown. This will satisfy epicureans that just want to hang out in the burg to eat & drink (There is no shortage of great eateries here). However, this did not stop us from making the eight mile drive out to Biglerville to check out Hauser’s renowned winery on the hill, complete with a 360 degree glass encased tasting space.

As was our experience with Adams, the bar was fairly busy. Again, for mid week in mid October this was interesting to me. I opted for a glass of the popular Cab Franc to enjoy on the deck outside. A seriously dry, complex wine, it did not disappoint. Fran had the Jennie Wade White, Hauser’s Vidal. The bees were just agressive enough to force us back in after about 15 or 20 minutes. The facility is absolutely gorgeous with spectacular views.

Hauser's 2010 Cabernet FrancAfter we departed from Hauser, we stopped by the Round Barn, a popular farm market almost right next door. Every kind of apple you can imagine. We picked up some apples & caramel sauce for a visit to my sister’s house on the way home from Gettysburg. Coupled with plenty of wine, it made for a fun housewarming at her new place across the border in nearby Maryland, later in the week.

So the next day, since the winery was so bustling during our visit, I dragged my wife to Hauser’s downtown tasting room, but she didn’t complain too much. I wanted to take the opportunity to taste the full lineup … you know since I was in town and everything and didn’t need a driver.

The downtown tasting roomHauser’s wines are on the drier side compared to Adams County Winery’s selections. They do have some sweeter options and two that are apple based (one is a limited production sparkler), a staple of the region I’m guessing. Two standouts for me were the Cab Franc that I enjoyed at the winery and the Devils Den Red, a medium bodied, slightly sweet, easy drinker that Fran and I both enjoyed.

I want to note that Hauser Estate also produces the popular Jack’s Hard Cider, offered at many of the downtown eateries. The Blue and Gray Bar & Grill on the square had a mulled, spiced version which was a great addition to dinner.

The Winery in Biglerville

If you find yourself in Gettysburg, take the time to drive out to Hauser Estate for world class wine in a magnificent setting with panoramic views of the country. We plan to come back next year.


Hauser Estate Winery
The Historic Round Barn Farm Market
Jack’s Hard Cider
The Blue & Gray Bar & Grill

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