He said. She said. Cabernet. Period.

A Traveling Wine Chick/Uncorked Remarks collaboration

#CabernetDay 2013This past Thursday, August 29th, I celebrated #CabernetDay with the rest of the globe on all platforms of social media. I personally lean towards Twitter as it tends to be more interactive than the rest.

My blogging counterpart, Beth (aka Traveling Wine Chick) participated as well, and we thought it would be interesting to compare notes. Beth is a seasoned WSET Certified wine pro. She resides in the rural south and this is the fourth time she is participating in #CabernetDay.

Speaking from the perspective of a suburban, yankee #CabernetDay newbie, she’s pretty much my polar opposite. She tends to focus more on the wine while I just … look, a squirrel! Wait, I love this commercial. What?

Ok, here’s what followed:


Thinking that #CabernetDay should be a federal holiday.He said: Virtual interaction and the global drinking argument

Tonight I took part in #CabernetDay with a 2011 Smith & Hook Cab from Hahn Family Wines. This wine exhibits a smooth character and sticks with you for awhile. If you have read any of my past posts, you probably picked up on my bias for powerful reds. This one fit the bill perfectly. The Cab is tannic but very drinkable, medium bodied & not as heavy as some Cabernets. Notes of spice and black cherries. Excellent wine for the price, about $25 to $30 retail.

Virtual wine bar on TwitterSo Twitter is like a global party. When you throw wine into the mix, it can get interesting. If you don’t tweet, let me break it down for you. You interact with other tweeters by addressing them by name (@yourusernamehere) or inserting a #hashtag in your statement. In this case if your tweet is tagged #CabernetDay, you can follow the feed of every post containing that tag.

I jumped online about 7:00 EST and #CabernetDay chat was sort of quiet but it got more raucous as the night went on. As more Cab lovers logged on and more juice was consumed, I could sense a change in the dynamic. Funny thing about social media, words are perceived differently in text as opposed to voice and misunderstandings happen. And then you throw in some fermented grapes. This isn’t the first time that I witnessed social media craziness. Let me sum it up by saying men are men, women are women. People are funny. And Cab is tasty.

2011 Smith & Hook Central Coast Cabernet SauvignonI’m not here to issue a public service announcement. But people, be careful what you put on the internet. It will certainly come back to bite you in the ass when you’re running for Congress.

So anyway, I will definitely do this again. As I’ve said numerous times, I’ve met so many fascinating people through Uncorked Remarks and the culture of this fascinating beverage.

Traveling Wine Chick & I will be executing another dual tasting for the Finger Lakes 2012 Vintage Riesling Launch on September 16th. And don’t miss #MerlotMe on October 10th. Watch my Facebook page for details.

Now show some love for a real pro …


Elizabeth Smith aka Traveling Wine ChickShe Said: Much Ado About Virtual Tastings and Cabernet

The Value of Virtual Tastings

Last night I participated in my fourth annual #CabernetDay virtual tasting, which is basically a day dedicated to tasting wines with Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon in them. Think virtual world party complete with dialogue via Twitter. I know some people think these tastings aren’t worthwhile. They lament, “Why do we need a #CabernetDay?” Well, the fact is that we don’t. But it’s wine, people. Wine is fun, right? Or like my partner in wine would say, #relaxitsjustwine.

It’s also not just about the wines, but rather, it’s about connecting with people who enjoy wine like we do. The value of these virtual tastings goes something like this in my mind:

My two Cabs on deck for #CabernetDay1. Wines are exposed to thousands, if not millions, of people through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc, as well as face-to-face gatherings around the world.

2. Wineries have the opportunity to interact directly with participants, including customers, wine enthusiasts, writers, and industry professionals.

3. Participants have the opportunity to taste and learn about wines they may have never heard of or tried before.

4. Most importantly, virtual tastings provide a channel for interaction, connections, and even long-lasting, real-life relationships.

Honestly, virtual tastings are a win-win in my eyes. Bring together wine and people and the fun and opportunities are endless.

The Cabernets

2007 Jaffe Estate MetamorphosisThis year I was extremely lucky to taste two completely different Cabernet Sauvignons provided to me by their respective wineries as samples. When I first started tasting wine in 2008, I probably couldn’t tell you the difference between one Cabernet and another. Fast forward five years and it’s starting to click. Below are my impressions of my two wines.

The Older Lady
The 2007 Jaffe Estate Metamorphosis, St. Helena, a blend of 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Merlot, has been evolving for a few years into something more refined and elegant, yet still intriguing and delectable. She’s silky, soft, and supple, with ripe dark and red berries and a hint of toast from Jaffe’s proprietary oak barrels.

2011 Smith & Hook Cab, Central Coast from Hahn Family WinesThe Young Man
The 2011 Smith & Hook Cab, Central Coast, a wine produced by Hahn Family Wines, is a blend of 94% Cabernet Sauvignon and 6% Merlot. Before you know it, he’s in your glass like gangbusters: robust, spicy, and bursting with sweet, dark fruits and tannins. He’s like that tall, dark, and handsome guy from your youth that you wish you’d never let go.


I want to thank Traveling Wine Chick and to my virtual friends for a fantastic time. And of course thanks to YOU for reading. See you all next year. The Thursday before Labor Day. Mark your calendars!


Traveling Wine Chick
Hahn Family Wines
Smith & Hook 2011 Cabernet
Jaffe Estate
2007 Jaffe Estate Metamorphosis
Traveling Wine Chick on Twitter
Uncorked Remarks on Twitter
Rick Bakas, creator of #CabernetDay

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  1. Oliver says:

    I’m participating in the September 16th Riesling tasting as well. Already looking forward to it!!

  2. Beth says:

    Cheers to the both of you! I’m looking forward to tasting #FLXWine Rieslings with everyone on September 16. And Doug, thank you allowing me to share your stage, so to speak. It was lots of fun collaborating. I’m looking forward to next time.

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