Ice Wine – Wine Term of the Week

The most basic definition of ice wine … a dessert wine made from grapes that are frozen on the vines. Ice wine tends to be very sweet due to the large concentration of sugar in the frozen grapes. It is laborious to produce and requires very specific conditions for harvest. Also, the frozen fruit produces less juice than grapes in a more normal temperature, so ice wine tends to be on the pricier side.

Ice Wine - Wine Term of the WeekAlthough winemakers continue to experiment with different grapes, the most common varietals used in ice wine production are Riesling, Cab Franc and Vidal Blanc. In Canada, ice wine is trademarked as ‘Icewine’ (one word) and the Germans refer to it as ‘Eiswein’.

Here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, there is a winery that produces their own highly touted version of ice wine. They are more notorious for their conduct and demeanor in the tasting room than for their wine, but I haven’t experienced it firsthand. Yet. When I get there, you guys will be the first to hear about it. Thanks for reading!

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