Cockburn's Fine Ruby PortI have recently been asked if would write something about dessert wines and, more specifically wines with dessert. I’ve tried a few sweet dessert type libations, most recently the caramel apple cider that we enjoyed at Chaddsford a few weekends ago. However, one of my favorite concoctions involves mixing Port wine with vanilla ice cream.

Port (or Porto) is a sweet, (typically) red dessert wine that is produced exclusively in the Douro Valley in Portugal. However there are varieties of “Port-like” wine produced in other regions that call themselves Port.
By far the most common and most affordable type of Port is Ruby. I picked up a bottle of Cockburn’s Fine Ruby Port (Portugal) for about 12 bucks and some delicious Turkey Hill vanilla ice cream (Lancaster County, PA).

Vanilla Ice Cream and PortFor my taste, if you use too much of the wine with the ice cream, it overpowers it. It’s different from putting root beer or Coca-Cola in there. The sweetness of Port makes it a natural pairing with ice cream but it has a higher alcohol content than most wines. I just fill up the entire glass w/ ice cream and drizzle the wine over it so it’s maybe a quarter full or so. Experimenting is the best part.

Disclaimer: Though it is delicious, I am in no way asserting that this combination is at all non fattening or remotely healthy. Did I mention that it’s delicious?

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