Keeping it real

You may be asking, who is this random guy and what does he know about wine? Well here is my story.

I was never a wine drinker until well into my 20s. I was one of those people who thought it was for affluent country club types. What is the appeal of sniffing and sipping this mysterious expensive stuff when there’s Yuengling Lager on draft? Apart from the occasional glass at a wedding I never really bothered with the stuff until I had my first dinner at my Italian, Roman Catholic girlfriend’s (Now my wife of over 10 years) house.

Now I grew up in a nice middle class protestant household in predominantly white, middle  class protestant Pennsylvania Dutch country. Basically we sat down, prayed, ate and vacated the table just as quickly.

Dinner at Fran’s was much different and quite a culture shock for me. There was cookies & candy, then cheese & crackers, red or white wine (Ah, relevance! I’m getting there …). THEN we would move to the dining room for the main meal. And everyone talked. Then coffee afterward. And the talking. Then port wine. Talking. Then dessert … etc. etc. … you get the picture.

St. Colman Parish. Ardmore, PAAnyway the point is that after I partook in this ritual several dozen times I came to understand that the wine was an integral part of the meal, not just a drink. I can now appreciate the nuances of different wines and have developed true appreciation of it. I have embraced this cultural difference between Fran and I and I want to keep learning, enjoying and enlightening others about the joy of wine.

I still haven’t got the hang of Sunday Mass ….

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  1. Michelle says:

    Great job! I agree that the whole wine business can be rather daunting. I think it is great that you started this to show people that wine can be something that even the most common folk (like myself) can enjoy!

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