Maryland’s Eastern Shore – Part 3 of 4

Crow Farm & Vineyard - Kennedyville, MDI don’t know about the rest of you, but after a full day of tasting wine, I enjoy grazing on mouth-watering barbeque. And drinking more wine. So that’s what happened.

Crow Farm is a third generation farm in rural Kennedyville, whose main business is all natural grass fed beef. They also run a nice bed & breakfast, complete with a pool and wine tasting bar, the latter of which was converted from the old milk house. Last but not least, the wine that they pour is their own, made primarily from grapes grown here on the farm and in nearby Chestertown.

All natural, high quality grass fed beef at Crow. Moo!Owners Roy & Judy Crow obviously take pride in the quality products that they provide from the farm. The wine business is fairly new, the first grapes were planted here in 2010. And the Crow’s are proof of the potential for quality wine growing right here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Roy took us through the six hand crafted wines available for purchase right now. As I mentioned, the wines are young but the quality is there.

1. Vidal Blanc 2012 – This is a good summer sipper, dry with a neutral, medium finish. The Vidal was one of the first grapes to be planted here, an acre and a half in 2010. A mild, easy drinker. — $18/bottle

Roy Crow, your bartender2. Chardonnay 2012 – The Chardonnay grapes are brought in from their vineyard in Chestertown. Like the Vidal, the Chard has a neutral character with aromas of peach & honey. Half of the grapes are aged in steel and the rest in new oak, an interesting approach. This is a delicious Chard which will probably benefit from some more time on the shelf. — $24/bottle

3. Merlot Rosé 2012 – This is the summer of excellent Rosé, it seems and this one is no exception. There is just enough Vidal (20%) mixed in with the Merlot to give it some sweetness. Crow’s award winning Barbera Rosé 2013 was unfortunately sold out, I would have liked to taste these side by side. — $15/bottle

4. Barbera 2011 – Barbera is king in Eastern Maryland. This light red is a great pairing with the local beef on the farm here. A well balanced wine with red cherries on the nose and palate. — $25/bottle

5. Merlot 2011 – My favorite wine today. Spicy with black cherries on the palate. Complex & well balanced with a smooth finish. Excellent table wine or on it’s own. Or a cigar if you’re so inclined. — $28.00/bottle

6. Sparkling 2011 – Nothing like finishing a tasting with bubbles. This dry sparkler is made from Vidal grapes brought in from Virginia. Hints of citrus and tropical fruits all over the place. This wine was made in the traditional Champage style. I enjoyed another glass after dinner.

Dinner courtesy of Chef Sabrina SextonAnd speaking of dinner, my wife and I were lucky enough to have time our visit with a guest appearance from Chef Sabrina Sexton. Sabrina put together a barbeque dinner for the local crowd and it was spectacular. Pulled pork, corn on the cob, potatoes and so on. Magnificent. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go:

The Crows were gracious hosts and I can’t stress how relaxing this visit was. I’ve grown accustomed to my suburban life and this was a real breath of fresh air, literally & figuratively. It is so quiet here, I almost couldn’t fall asleep. When I finally did I slept like a rock, though. But I’m sure that a day of drinking wine and copious amounts of barbeque had nothing to do with that.

Here's to the dog days of summer. Salut! *clink*Thanks to Judy & Roy Crow and their top notch staff for all of the hospitality.

We’ll be back.


Crow Farm & Vineyard – Kennedyville, MD
Chef Sabrina Sexton
Maryland’s Chesapeake Wine Trail

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  1. Beth says:

    Great wrap-up of your stay and tasting!

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