Meritage – Wine Term of the Week

Meritage - Wine Term of the WeekMeritage is a relatively new moniker in the wine world. It came about in the late 80s in the U.S. to classify blended wine in the style of French Bordeaux style wines. Meritage wine cannot use varietal labeling since it doesn’t favor one grape variety.

The Meritage Association was formed to segregate these blends for wineries who are willing to pay to licence them as such. There are also certain standards that must be met for a wine to carry the Meritage designation on the bottle.

The term ‘Meritage’ was chosen in an international contest of over 6000 entries. It is a combination of ‘Merit’ and ‘Heritage’. Meritage rhymes with heritage, although it is often mispronounced meri-TAHJ which is more French sounding.

There are both red and white blends that carry the Meritage title.

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