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Passion Vines - Egg Harbor Township, NJI’m sure most of you are locked into the fast pace of living today or at the very least, mildly aware of it. I have to remind myself over and over to focus on the present moment and not wish my life away (this is something I will write about A LOT).

Anyway, in the spirit of that, my wife and I took it upon ourselves to get out of town for the weekend to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. Just down the shore, far enough away to forget about life for a few days. I even contemplated keeping my smart phone at home but I’m not quite zen enough for that … yet.

(Side note: I’m fully cognizant that “down the shore” is Philly slang and not proper English. When Fran and I started dating, I made fun of her for saying it. Now it’s entrenched in my vocabulary as well.)

I stopped by Passion Vines in Somers Point last year and have been meaning to follow up with a visit to their new facility in Egg Harbor Township. Here was a perfect chance.

Brothers?I have to be honest. We almost didn’t make it to Passion Vines. After a perfect day of fattening boardwalk food (That is the ONLY kind of food on the boards, don’t judge), skee ball, walking, walking and more walking, we got back to our hotel, collapsed on the bed and turned on the tv. Scarily familiar routine of ours. I had visions of the nursing home which did the trick. Out the door and off to PV in EHT, about 7 miles according to the GPS. That’s doable. And hey, they have wine there.

Passion Vines is expanding at a steady pace and have an outstanding, well trained staff. I’ve been corresponding with Bob, who sent me a PV tshirt last year. Until Saturday, I only knew him from Facebook. He was very welcoming and took Fran & I on a tour of the facility. Bob is a bit of a cheesecake guru who creates his own recipes and we got to sample a bit of the ingredients in his latest concoction.

Jersey Red | Heritage Vineyards & Fiesta | Bellview WineryI picked up two bottles of the local flavor to go. One was ‘Jersey Red’, a semi sweet red blend from nearby Heritage Vineyards in Mullica Hill. The other was a perfect sangria wine, ‘Fiesta’ from Bellview Winery in Landisville, NJ. Just add fruit. We shared the bottle of Fiesta at the hotel later to celebrate our 12 years together (Ready? You can say it. Awwwwwww.).

I found my new wine shop at the shore. Sorry Circle Liquor, it was a good run. And since there is no longer a traffic circle in Somers Point it has probably run it’s course anyway …

Passion Vines | Heritage Station Jersey Red | Bellview Winery Fiesta

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