Naked – Wine Term of the Week

Naked - Wine Term of the WeekYou may have sampled wine that was labeled ‘Naked’ … for example Naked Riesling or Naked Chardonnay. The word Naked, as it pertains to wine means that the grapes were fermented without any influence of oak.

Chardonnay (a popular dry white varietal) is often aged in oak barrels which gives the wine a buttery or vanilla character. A Naked Chardonnay, on the other hand is fermented in stainless steel which doesn’t affect the taste and causes the aromas & flavors of the fruit to be more prominent.

The use of stainless steel barrels is becoming increasingly popular as oak barrel aging is more expensive. Along w/ that is the perception that steel fermentation is more “green” or natural than the more traditional method. All of you lovers of buttery, oaky Chardonnay can write to Al Gore and thank him for that.

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