New World – Wine Term of the Week

New World - Wine Term of the WeekAs you might expect, New World is pretty much the polar opposite of Old World. Wine that is produced outside of the long time traditional growing regions of Europe fall into the ‘New World’ category. Initially, the primary New World wine area was the United States but others such as Australia, Chile and South Africa are growing quickly in popularity. Other burgeoning New World wine countries are Mexico & New Zealand as well as other regions of South America.

The climates in New World areas tend to be hotter than their European counterparts, therefore the grapes grow riper. The wines are fruitier, more full bodied and are higher in alcohol content.

Another noticeable difference between the two is the labeling. Old World wines are named after their region (ex. Chanpagne, Bordeaux, etc.) whereas New World wines take the name of the varietal or grape (ex. Merlot, Shiraz).

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