Noble Rot – Wine Term of the Week

Noble Rot - Wine Term of the WeekNoble Rot is a type of fungus (also called Botrytis cinerea). It is caused by leaving grapes on the vine longer during warm & humid fall temperatures. These grapes lose their hydration & become shriveled and raisin-like. The sugar becomes very concentrated and the “botrytized” grapes can be used to make sweet dessert wines.

Noble Rot is also a popular wine bar in Portland, Oregon which, coincidentally is where the 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference is being held. Please email us HERE if you would like to contribute to the Uncorked Remarks WBC 2012 travel fund. No really … every $500 will get you a tshirt 😉

Coming soon … a candid conversation with Brandywine Valley Wine Trail’s own Karen Cline. Not to be missed … she’s a charmer.

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