Oaky – Wine Term of the Week

Oaky - Wine Term of the WeekHappy Thanksgiving! Wine Term of the Week is back after a short hiatus. As the fall harvest season has come to an end I’m looking for some interesting and different ideas for the site. Thanks to all for visiting and as always, any feedback and ideas are welcome.

This week’s word is ‘Oaky’. You may have heard this used at wine tastings or seen on a description for a wine. The term ‘Oaky’ simply refers to a smell or taste of oak that is present in the wine. This is often a trait of wine that has been aged in oak barrels. Oak flavors and aromas can be characterized as toasty or smoky and might have flavors reminiscent of vanilla. Oakiness in a wine can be either a positive trait or, if a burnt or charred flavor is present, a negative one. Chardonnay is a common varietal that carries this trait.

Wine BarrelsEnjoy time with your families and watch out for the maniacs on the road out there 😉

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