Paradocx Vineyard – Landenberg, PA 3/12/2011

Paradocx Vineyard - Landenberg, PABarrels on the Brandywine keeps rolling along as I drove to a remote corner of Chester County known as Landenberg. Paradocx Vineyard is a stone’s throw (well not literally but pretty damn close) from where the PA/Maryland/Delaware borders meet. The facility is on a 100 acre farm w/ 30 acres of grapes and a good sized state-of-the-art winemaking facility. My lovely partner in crime & I met our friends around 2:00 on this gorgeous almost-spring day. This visit had a nice vibe to it as my group is really getting to know each other … which will happen when you sample wine together every weekend. In case you are wondering, yes I was late but alas I was not the last to arrive this time.

Whitewash/Barn RedI didn’t really know a whole lot about Paradocx before today. I casually visited their tasting room in nearby Kennett Square a few years ago. They do have a cool marketing concept of selling some of their wines in 3 liter paint cans with names like “Whitewash”, “Barn Red” and “Pail Pink”. No worries though, Paradocx offers a whole line of whites & reds in bottles as well, haha.

The theme for BOTB is “Cheeseburgers in Paradocx”. Burgers, beans and chips were offered onsite for $8 and the complimentary Jimmy Buffet tunes were piped in. Patrons were given Hawaiian leis at the entrance and left to eat, sample the wine and wander the grounds if they wished. I grabbed a burger before the tasting.

Chip making friendsWe started off with 2 easy drinking whites which were poured by our wonderful hostess Nicole. I should mention that there was quite a crowd today, quite a few limos and at least one bus. Paradocx had a good sized, well trained staff on hand to accomodate it.

Anyway … whites.

The first pour was a 2007 Pinot Grigio. A very crisp, citrusy wine. This was immediately followed by the popular Yield (2006), a blend of Pinot Grigio/Chardonnay. The Yield had an interesting pear flavor and could be enjoyed by itself.

Right out of the barrel!Next was the barrel tastings … the ’09 Chardonnay followed by the ’09 Merlot. Both unfiltered & siphoned right from the barrel. I especially enjoyed the Merlot as I really like earthy, dark wines. The fact that it was still raw and unbottled might have had some appeal. I’m starting to sound like Charlie Sheen, sorry …

For the final two offerings we were instructed to head inside to the dark depths of the barn. The ’06 Sangiovese was next, a smooth, everyday red that was my absolute favorite. And we finished off the tasting with a dark red, the ’06 Leverage, also enjoyable with a smokey, stronger finish than the Sangiovese.

Thanks to Sheila for the bread, olive oil & spices and to Debbie for bringing jam, cheese & crackers that accompanied the post-tastingJust kids festivities. And thanks to Paradocx for the burgers, vino and a perfect venue for an afternoon of socializing and people watching.

Coming up next: Penns Woods Winery … after running a 5k. Should be an interesting experience …

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