Plonk – Wine Term of the Week

Plonk - Wine Term of the Week“Plonk” is slang for bottom shelf, cheap, inferior or poor quality wine. The term is most common in Australia and the U.K. I would rather not go into specifics on brands as I’m a believer that every palate is different and you should drink what you like. That said, however, there is some pretty nasty stuff out there.

Lehigh Valley Wine Trail - PennsylvaniaWe have an exciting weekend planned. The Annual Wine on the Mountain Festival is happening Saturday and Sunday at Penn’s Peak in Jim Thorpe, PA. Festival attendees will be sampling the offerings from the wineries of Lehigh Valley Wine Trail. There will be live music, food and local artisans on site. Details here. Come join us!

Lehigh Valley Wine Trail
Wine on the Mountain

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