Quaffable – Wine Term of the Week

Quaffable - Wine Term of the WeekThe word quaffable is used to describe a wine that is drinkable. It is often implied that a quaffable wine is one that is inexpensive, simple, tasty and goes down easily.

Wine snobs sometimes use this term as a disingenuous compliment to basically say that the wine is acceptable, but there’s really nothing special or complex about it.

I’ll be getting as much mileage out of my passport as I can this month, please come back soon.

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3 Responses to Quaffable – Wine Term of the Week

  1. Kirsten Ness says:

    Hmmm….I find virtually all wine to be drinkable! Does that make me a lush?

    • Not at all Kirsten hahaha. Here’s an example of a ‘quaffable’ wine.

      I love Sutter Home White Merlot. It’s a nice simple red (Yes, White Merlot is NOT white) from California. Great table wine, very fruit forward and it’s $6.99 a bottle. That doesn’t mean it’s bad wine, just mainstream and it’s not really unique or complex.

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