Sommelier – Wine Term of the Week

Sommelier - Wine Term of the WeekThe term Sommelier (Pronounced Somm-ill-yay) refers to a wine waiter or steward in a restaurant who is proficient in pairing the establishment’s wine with the food on the menu. The Sommelier conducts the wine serving process from the showing of the cork (Which is kind of silly in my opinion) to serving a sample for the guest who ordered to the final pouring of the wine for the table. Sometimes the Sommelier is responsible for ordering and keeping stock of the restaurant’s wine cellar.

There are a number of official organizations that govern the certification of Sommeliers. They vary in their required credentials from country to country. Two of the most recognized in the US are the Sommelier Society of America (SSA) and the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Snooty Wine ServerThese guys (or girls) are more common in high-end restaurants and can sometimes be intimidating. While they do often have impressive knowledge, it’s not necessary to attain Sommelier status to know what is good to your taste. The topic of good wine is extremely subjective. I suggest trying different wine varietals with all kinds of food to find what you like.

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