Spring Wine Weekend at Chaddsford Winery 4/16/2011

Chaddsford WineryAs Barrels on the Brandywine has come to an end, the plan is to wring every tasting I can out of my passport. BOTB is a March event where the participating wineries showcase their new vintages & offerings. Fortunately the passports are good through the end of April, so the few places that I missed will put up a regular tasting in place of that.

I regret missing the gumbo at Twin Brook last month. Oh well, there’s always next year.

Elaine our super-enthusiastic, savvy hostessChaddsford Winery is hosting Spring Wine Weekends during the entire month of April. It was a good day to come out as it was pouring rain so the crowds would be light. The new batch of the Chaddsford Spring Wine is in extremely short supply this year so my syndicate & I were fortunate enough to get a sample. I’m more of a fan of reds but got into the spirit of things as whites pretty much dominated this afternoon. After we sampled the lineup, two bottles of the sweet Niagara were next on the card.

The Spring Wine is a light, tart wine with a citrusy finish. This year it is made from 100% Vignoles grapes.

The following list shows the complete tasting that was offered today:
The Spring Wine Weekend tasting lineup
(1) 2009 Proprietors Reserve White
– Easy drinking, clean white aged in steel so no characteristics of oak
– Pairs great with seafood, chicken, pasta & salads. Or great by itself.

(2) 2008 Naked Chardonnay
– Citrusy, steel aged Chardonnay

(3) 2009 Proprietors Reserve Red
– Bold, medium bodied red w/ a smokey finish. Great table wine and a popular favorite of mine.
– Great for summer grilled fare & barbeques

(4) 2009 Pinot Noir
– Delicious fruit bomb

(5) 2007 Merlot
– 76% Merlot, 24% Cabernet Sauvignon

(6) 2010 Spring Wine
– First of the 2010 vintage! Introduced this month and today’s feature

(7) Sunset Blush
– Light blush very reminiscent of White Zinfandel

(8) 2009 Niagara
– Very sweet, great summer wine. Fran & Michelle’s favorite.

Sheila with the scooby snacksI’m hoping to get to the final two wineries on the trail by the end of April. Plans are coming together for summer visits to Bucks County, New Jersey and Maryland. Thanks for reading!

“Good wine is a necessity of life for me.” — Thomas Jefferson

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  1. Kris Hansen says:

    We will go by Chaddsford Winery before the end of April. Just wasn’t working out for this weekend. What’s happening next weekend?

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