Tea? Wine? How about both?

Twine | twine | A white wine blend enhanced with subtle natural tea flavors to create a refreshing taste experience.

Paradocx Vineyard's "T" WineI spent a relaxing evening at Paradocx Vineyard’s recently redesigned cafe just outside of Kennett Square. The new release of tea infused wine was on center stage. Originally called “Twine”, the good people at Paradocx decided to rename this concoction “T” Wine to provide clarity. I was lucky enough to share company with Karen Cline from the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail and Paradocx’s Caryn Dolan last Friday night. It was my first trip back to this tasting room in a few years and the new space projects a welcoming vibe for visitors. There was live music onsite and tables provided inside and out. Along with the large selection of Paradocx’s wines, there are wine accessories and local artwork for sale. The entire contingent of their local vino is available in the traditional bottles and their signature paint cans. Neuchatel chocolates are here for purchase as well and I picked up some port truffles for my wife that were out of this world.Caryn & Karen

So anyway … tea and wine. What’s up with that? After the initial uncertain first taste, I have to say that it’s quite a refreshing summer beverage. Over ice it’s just aces. The winemaker won’t reveal what varietals are used, only a vague “white blend” description. I detected a taste of Niagara and it felt like a natural fusion with the tea. It’s a bold marketing move on Paradocx’s part and a good one as this stuff is flying off the shelves. Paradocx also offers a menu from Floga Bistro across the street. I can vouch for the Chicken Bravo Panini (Grilled chicken breast with rosemary & lemon topped with grilled zucchini, fresh tomato slices & provolone cheese).

Paradocx Vineyard Cafe - Kennett Square, PAIf you happen to be in this ever growing corner of Chester County, do yourself a favor and stop by. Thanks to Karen & Caryn for a excellent evening and a new & different wine experience.

Paradocx – http://www.paradocx.com/
Floga Bistro – http://www.flogabistro.com/
BV Wine Trail – http://www.bvwinetrail.com/

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  1. I’ve heard of Paradocx Vineyard from my friend and after reading your blog I will surely come and visit the place. Thanks for posting this one. Great job. Cheers!

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