Twin Brook Winery – Gap, PA 1/15/2011

Twin Brook Winery Gap, PAWhen I decided to start this endeavor I wasn’t sure if it would take off. I get bored very easily and have a history of leaving projects unfinished and moving on to the next new, exciting thing.

I announced my intent to end this blog about a month ago. To my shock I was met with pleas from several people to keep it going. I now have a core group of about 8 friends who regularly come along on these winery visits and that number is slowly growing. I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback and I promise to keep Uncorked Remarks moving forward as long as the enthusiasm is there.

Anyway, here it is the middle of January. It’s cold, cloudy, not much to do. A perfect day for a visit to an off-the-beaten-trail estate that houses bottles of fermented grape juice. My kind of place.The vineyard

Twin Brook Winery is a member of the esteemed Brandywine Valley Wine Trail. Our tasting was held in a gorgeous 19th century barn that has been tastefully restored inside and out, complete with stained glass windows. As we entered the building I went over to introduce myself to Tracy, our fantastic hostess who was setting up the bar for our tasting. I had the foresight to call ahead as this was my first visit. As January tends to be hit or miss, it was a good move.

Tracy rocks!A benefit of it being a slow day is that we got to taste the whole wine list for five bucks. That’s 13 tastes folks. Tracy took us through each selection from driest to sweetest and did a great job explaining the nuances of each. She also made some tasty cheese available to go with our wine, one of which was a ginger mango which was out of this world. Chocolate Wilbur buds, a Lancaster County staple were offered also.

Twin Brook harvests most of their own grapes, importing a certain amount for specific wines, such as the Norton grapes used in their Springhouse Red. Fran and I both fell in love with this unique blend. Though I normally prefer drier reds, this sweet, fruity selection had a very unique flavor. We shared a bottle tonight and it complimented my fish sticks and mac & cheese quite well 😉

Most addicting toy ever!After our wonderful tasting experience we went upstairs with lunch and snacks and shared a bottle of Cayuga (an off-dry, crisp white). We made the best of an otherwise ugly, chilly day. Thanks to Tracy and the other great folks at Twin Brook for a great experience. Oh and the mesmerizing, addicting desk toy Buckyballs that made it’s way around the table and kept us entertained while we ate and drank.

Coming up in February … wine and chocolate. How can you go wrong w/ that combo? Stay tuned.

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6 Responses to Twin Brook Winery – Gap, PA 1/15/2011

  1. Kirsten says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL venue for your tasting!

    • joshlikesred says:

      Thanks for your comment Kirsten. As this is a very old part of the country and there is no shortage of wineries around, finding a nice venue to enjoy the grape isn’t usually a problem 😉

  2. Kris Hansen says:

    We loved it! Tracy was great! Nice laid back atmosphere! The company was fun, always a great time! Can’t wait for Feb chocolate and wine….mmmmmmmm.

    • joshlikesred says:

      Thanks for coming out Kris it was a great time indeed 🙂 I’m nailing down plans for February, will keep you posted!

  3. Diana Brown says:

    Love the idea of this! How can I make sure I get the news in time to attend?

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