Vinifera – Wine Term of the Week

Vinifera - Wine Term of the WeekAt the suggestion of a friend (you know who you are haha), for this week the word is Vinifera.

Otherwise known as Vitis Vinifera (that’s Latin by the way), the universally adapted definition is simply “The chief source of old world wine and table grape varieties”. The Vitis Vinifera grows on every continent of the earth except for Antarctica. So basically vinifera is an impressive description for common grape vines. Remember this on your next trip to Napa.

As summer starts winding down, the local grape harvest is looming. I look forward to what the 2011 vintage has to offer. As some nearby wineries are looking for volunteers to help with harvest, I may take the opportunity to get my hands dirty and learn something.

Thanks very much for reading!

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