Welcome to Uncorked Remarks

Welcome aspiring wine lovers, Sommeliers and everyone in between.

I created Uncorked Remarks to make the topic of wine more comfortable and friendly to those who may be intimidated by the perceived exclusivity and stuffiness associated with it. Wine is meant to be enjoyed. It has been around for literally thousands of years and has a very storied history. However the consumption and appreciation of wine is not rocket science. Bottom line is that you consume what you like.

My intention is to explore topics associated with this magnificent beverage including, but not limited to, history, types of wine, accessories, social aspects of wine, winery visits, cost variations and of course the consumption of wine itself.

I appreciate any feedback and welcome all questions & comments. This endeavor has been a passion of mine for a while and it’s finally coming to fruition. It’s in the very early stages but I’m looking forward to making Uncorked Remarks a fun, expanding resource for wine lovers. MUCH more to come.

Thanks for your visit 😉

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3 Responses to Welcome to Uncorked Remarks

  1. Katie Powell says:

    What a great idea! I’m a novice when it comes to wine and couldn’t tell a good from a bad wine. I just go by taste which is probably simply what we need to do. But to have ideas on what ones to try or what ones to choose with which food is great.

  2. Katie Powell says:

    I have a query? Can champagne go off? I was at a function last night and we opened a bottle of Cockatoo Ridge Sparkling and it looked different, how can I put it, like urine? and wasn’t as bubbly as normal. The bottle was a few years old but I thought wine kept? Or am I mistaken?

    • joshlikesred says:

      Hi Katie! Thanks for your question. Yes unfortunately champagne, as well as other wine, can and does go bad on occasion. Champagne tends to lose it’s fizz as it ages. I’m not familiar w/ Cockatoo Ridge but hopefully you just got a bad batch.

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